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We have limited budget. We really want to have a prom night, but the principal disagrees because he thinks that prom night is not our culture. We’re having inauguration next month, yet we have no ideas. Well, those are common problems when you’re planning a school/college event, aren’t they? What about the supporting personnel? Are you willing to leave the classroom as well as finding people having similar minds? On the D-day, wouldn't you and your friends prefer to enjoy the show? Let us lend our hand. You will be the conceptor and Luvisa is the executor. We will make sure the event is in accordance with the characteristics of the educational institution. Thus, you will not have problems with the permits. You can also have fun like your friends on the D-day. Luvisa is available to support any kind of scool/college events, such as, school concert, gathering, bazaar, workshop, seminar, school anniversary, graduation, and farewell party. If supported by Luvisa, those will be memorable events.

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