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Event Organizer and Planner

An event organizer is a team that manages various formal and non-formal events. An event organizer or better known as EO will organize your online event better and run smoothly. Because the event is managed by a team that is experienced in handling various events.


A good event organizer and an event planner will make the event run smoothly according to the predetermined concept. Roles and Responsibilities of an event organizer :


  • Helping clients to organize events they want and within their budget.
  • Presenting interesting ideas and concepts to clients.
  • Provide opinions and suggestions regarding event vendors to clients.
  • Organizing the overall event in various aspects of needs.
  • Coordinate with all vendors involved in the event.
  • Arranging the schedule for technical meetings and rehearsals.
  • Compile the overall rundown and determine the job description of each team member in managing the event.
  • Evaluate the course of the event to improve future services.


Online Event Organizer


Since this pandemic, the world has changed so fast. Activities run online, ranging from teaching and learning activities to company meetings. Social restrictions don't allow us to hold events. So many events have been rescheduled or even canceled to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, organizing virtual events is a solution. Holding virtual events can be a good way to stay connected with the audience when we have to apply physical distancing rules.


A virtual event is an event that is held using internet media (via online) anywhere, even abroad. The absence of limitations in this digitalization will allow us to invite more participants from various distances because they no longer need to come and spend travel costs to attend the event. Online event live streaming can be watched on media, such as YouTube, Instagram, Zoom, websites, or other platforms in real-time and make our events more accessible.


It should be noted that virtual events are also at risk of losing the number of participants. They can get bored because the event is not interesting, the duration is too long, or too many presentation slides will make them leave the event room. One thing that can overcome this problem is the concept. Because with a strong and interesting concept, it will be able to bring the virtual event participants to stay and follow the course of the event well.


5 Virtual / Online Event Ideas For Business

Virtual events are very important for your business. With online events, it will increase brand awareness and brand engagement. Your service or product will be better known without looking like an advertisement. Aside from being a promotion, the purpose of holding an online event is to build relationships and familiarity between participants.

Here are 5 virtual event ideas that can grow your business:

  1. Comedy Performance
    You can hold an event by inviting many stand-up comedians. This can make the audience interested in continuing to watch your online event.
  2. Virtual Concert
    The idea of holding a virtual concert will be a memorable experience. There will be many participants who are fans of the singer or band you invited. Virtual concert is an event that will bring more participants than others.
  3. Competition
    One of the online event ideas is to hold a competition. You can hold competitions or award events such as short film festivals, design competitions or others. With a gift or an award will make people interested and actively participate in this event.
  4. Exhibition
    The next idea is to hold an expo hall. With a virtual exhibition, you can explain your services and products. You can also collaborate with many other businesses to get a large audience. other businesses are also allowed to promote their services or products.
  5. Webinar
    Webinars are the most commonly used online event ideas. Webinars can be held by discussing your needs and answering questions related to your service or product.


Luvisa as a Virtual Event Planner in Jakarta


Introducing Luvisa, the best Online Event Management Company in Jakarta. Your online event streaming can be more interesting with the right online event planner. As a professional event organizer, we can help organize any event you create, and ensure the event will run smoothly.


As virtual event planners, we can make the best online event live streaming and give the best ideas for your online event and meeting. Virtual Event by LUVISA is the right alternative for online conferences, gatherings, webinars, online meetings, online wedding parties, and others. This can involve more participants anywhere and anytime with less budget. We will support your marketing and event management needs to get the most out of your online event. This pandemic will not be an obstacle to creating a meaningful and enjoyable event for you and many people.


Create Event Online Now With Luvisa


We know that you need an event organizer online to make your virtual meetings more fun and meaningful. So we are here to make it happen by paying attention to every detail. We as virtual event planners have various ideas that can make your virtual event run well. We do our best for your online event and make it a memorable one. Organize your event online now


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