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Help you make a fun and unforgettable event.

We help you make a fun and unforgettable event with family, friends and colleagues.


Let`s Bring the fun out with luvisa.

Luvisa as a professional event organizer focuses on quality and client satisfaction. We consider clients as our best friends, so we try as much as possible to make our client’s wishes come true as well as exceed client’s expectations in terms of managing successfull that become a measure of success for other events. Why does Luvisa consider clients as friends? Our team recognizes the values of a long lasting friendship.


We appreciate the support and criticism from friends as a means to make us better. By having discussions with clients, we are open to all ideas, input, and even adjustments in order to have satisfied clients, as our best friend. By comprising the values of friendship, we understand the importance of our beloved ones appearance in every celebration. Luvisa's creative, solid and innovative team has experienced in helping many clients to design new, fresh and unique concepts for their special events. We are ready to help you live your dream of the desired event. With us, "One Moment for Everlasting Memories" is no longer just a saying. Let's Bring the Fun Out with Luvisa!

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Luvisa is an event organizer service provider in Jakarta for corporate events, schools, bazaars, outbound unique concepts with complete event documentation.