Proper documentation for your event

Just enjoy your precious moments!

Have you got some stock photos to make event publications? Or did you miss a special moment because you were too busy shooting and recording? How much time can be used for chatting, laughing, and sharing happiness, instead of moving here and there only to capture some moments? Worse, the results are dissapointing because of limited equipment. What a waste! Again, just contact Luvisa to make the documentation of your event. Your guests will surely be happy to upload photos from the booth that we provide. In fact, we have 180? photobooth and 360? photobooth to pamper guests' desire to be seen on social media. Of course, this kind of upload will make more people pay attention to your event and your company. Not to mention, Luvisa is ready to apply the concept of aerial video and photos that will make your event documentation more unique and interesting. Contact Luvisa now! Let us know your wish for the documentation. Our experienced team is ready to capture every precious moment. Just enjoy your time to socialize with friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and even prospective clients. Enjoy your precious moments!

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Luvisa is an event organizer service provider in Jakarta for corporate events, schools, bazaars, outbound unique concepts with complete event documentation.