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18 March 2022

Organizing Online Weddings Has Become a Trend During the Pandemic


The new normal has been implemented, but a number of health protocols and social distancing must still be carried out in order to break the chain of coronavirus spread. Even so, this does not prevent some people from wanting to get married in the midst of a pandemic. The solution that is currently being done by many people is online marriage.


Although not attended by many invited guests, in fact, online weddings are still chosen by many couples who want to make their relationship official. The wedding continued even though it was only attended by family and some of the closest people. However, invited guests can still watch this wedding event by using a live streaming video application in their respective homes.


Online Marriage Procedure


Some event organizers or wedding organizers have now added online marriage services to their services. The wedding will only be attended by KUA officers, the parents of the bride and groom, and the wedding organizer team. Automatically, invitations that are usually in the form of sheets of paper are now turned into live streaming video links with a maximum number of invitations of a thousand people.


Guests who take part in the video will be able to see the wedding party even if only from a distance. The faces of the guests will also appear on the screen so that the bridal couple can meet face to face with the guests present, even if only virtually.


Revive the Wedding Organizer Industry


Online marriage is expected to be a way out for the wedding organizer and event organizer industry, which has been sluggish for several months. The challenges faced are clearly bigger, because they have to present an atmosphere that remains solemn and emotional even though the invited guests cannot attend in person. However, this virtual marriage can be an option for couples who are reluctant to delay their marriage until this pandemic subsides.


The existence of this pandemic has also made everything digital, such as marriage registration which should have been done directly at the KUA, can now be done online. The registration process is also more effective because it can be done anywhere, prospective registrants only need to enter the page.


Meanwhile, other marriage requirements such as marriage certificates and marriage guidance will be temporarily suspended. Maybe this is also what makes couples choose to continue their marriage during the pandemic.


So, for those of you who want your wedding to continue during a pandemic and are considering getting married online, we can help make your day happy. Discuss your dream wedding concept with our EO team and have an unforgettable happy day. For more information about online weddings, please contact us at (021) 29631683 and 0812998999945 or click the button below. We are event organizers who are used to create event online and can certainly organize them very well

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