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29 August 2020

Online Meeting Etiquette When Working From Home


Since the beginning of 2020, Indonesia has been shaken by the corona outbreak which has changed many people's activities. These changes are felt in the learning system, seminars, work, to changes in the meeting system. Now many activities have been implemented using online systems such as online meeting systems to break the chain of covid-19.


However, even though it is carried out online, these activities must still be taken seriously, especially in a meeting atmosphere with important discussions. Thus, for those of you workers who are facing many online meeting schedules, make sure you get used to applying the following 5 online meeting etiquette:


Online Meeting Etiquette


1.Make sure to use the mute button if not talking

Online meetings with home meetings are clearly very different. If in the office the meeting room has been prepared in such a way as to create a conducive meeting atmosphere, then online meetings at home may need a little effort so that noise at home does not disturb the concentration of other meeting participants. So, if you're not talking, it's a good idea to use the mute button so that the voices at home don't reduce the conducive atmosphere of your meeting.


2. Keep Communicating

Even if the switch is muted and other people don't hear anything in your home, that doesn't mean you aren't actively communicating in meetings. Keep giving suggestions or questions that indicate that you really stay at the meeting forum and pay attention to each session with focus.


3. Wearing Clothing Like WFO

Similar to clothing for the office or work from an office in general, online meetings are also a good idea to use the same clothes according to your office habits. Do not break this habit even if the meeting is not held in person as usual. So, use office clothes as usual, yes, according to the schedule and office rules.


4. Stay On Time

Furthermore, online meetings do not mean you can come at will. The etiquette in online meetings is the same as in regular meetings where time is money. So, keep coming on time, because being late for an online meeting will of course still reduce your performance in front of your boss.


5. Although Online, Stay Focused and Avoid Other Activities Yes

No, because the meeting is done online, you can join the meeting while having fun doing other things. This of course will have a bad image of yourself if someone accidentally sees or hears you unfocused. Especially if when you are working on something else your boss suddenly calls you and you don't realize it, it's definitely not good, right?


So stay focused on your meeting and avoid doing other activities at the same time. If necessary, use quality earphones or cellphones to focus more.


So, here are 5 things that should be applied when you are in an online meeting. In essence, just assume that the meeting is indeed the same as the usual meeting so you still need to maintain etiquette both in your speech and your attire. Make sure again that if you want to hold a large and inaugural meeting for an event, you trust one of the best Online Event Organizer services named Luvisa

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